Massage & training can be done either in your hotel, office, house or our studios.IMB adapts to your needs, whether it be corporate, conferences, workshops, Clinical massage, slumber parties, Bridal packages. .We also offer Sport massage for Rugby, soccer, cricket, tennis, sport injuries, including sport warm-up & cool-down massage or Personal massage for relaxation and stress relief. We can offer Massage or beauty treatments for parties, spa parties, girls nights, teenage parties, Beauty packages, including Facials, Manicures, Pedicures. Bridal packages, including hair, make-up, facials. . .

Personalised training dates You may organize a massage course to suit your dates and times! You can also organize training to be at your venue of choice, i.e. your home, salon, etc. This costs an extra R500, plus travelling costs to and from your place of choice, or it can be done at our studios. Then of course you still get your R250 off per student you bring with on the course. Times Every Sunday in Parow, Cape Town, at 5pm (only on appointment) We have day time courses from 10am to 1pm Mon – Thurs afternoon classes from 2pm to 5pm Part time courses in evenings from 6h00pm to 8h00pm (times may change as per agreement)

We do it all for you at your location or in our studio (Address where courses are held:51 Williams St, Parow / or venue of your choice 

Apply now buy downloading our application form

You can take morning classes, afternoon classes or evening classes. All training fees need to be paid in full before the first training day.

Exam fees: R350
Training courses & workshops available
 Course  Duration  Date  Price  Venue
• Swedish Massage(Basic for  all massage courses)  20 hours on demand  R3900  Blouberg Road, Tableview, Cape  Town
• Corporate Chair Massage  (Swedish Massage needs to  be completed before doing  the chair Massage course)  8 hours on demand  R2900  Cape Town & Johannesburg
• Physiology  8 hours  on demand  R1500  Cape Town
• Basic Massage (back Neck  shoulders)  8 hours  Individual Training  R1500  Cape Town
• Hot Stone Massage ( With KIT)  8 hours  on demand  R3900  Cape Town
• Indian Head Massage  5 hours  on demand  R2500  Cape Town & Johannesburg
• Thai Massage  on demand  R4500  Cape Town
• Fun Couple Massage  4 hours  Individual Training  R1500  Cape Town
• Baby Massage (New!)  1 hour per  session  on demand  R3900  Cape Town & Johannesburg
• Diet & Nutrition  8 hours  on demand  R2900  Cape Town & Johannesburg
• Detoxing Methods  8 hours  on demand  R1900  Cape Town & Johannesburg
• Waxing  12 hours  on demand  R3900  Cape Town
• Manicures / Pedicures ( With KIT)  8 hours each  on demand  R2900 each  Cape Town
• Facials (With KIT)  8 hours  on demand  R3900  Cape Town
• Spine/Body Posture  Alignment Massage  AUR  on demand  R3900  Cape Town
• Pregnancy Massage  AUR  on demand  R3900  Cape Town
• Deep Tissue Massage  AUR  on demand  R4500  Cape Town
• Ozone Therapy Diploma  Course Advance  AUR  on demand  R3600  Cape Town
• Ozone Therapy Beginners  Course  AUR  on demand  R1900  Cape Town
• Acrylic & Gel Nails ( With KIT)  AUR  on demand  R3900  Cape Town
• Make Up (Day, Night,Bridal ( With KIT)   on demand  R4600
 • Make Up (Day, Night,Bridal)   on demand  R3000
 • Eyebrow & Lash Tinting ( With KIT) on demand  R1500
• Body wraps (detox,slimming,etc)  on demand  R2900
• Health & Nutrition  AUR  on demand  R2900 each  Cape Town
• Cooking Classes  AUR  AUR  R250 /class  Cape Town
Beauty Package
(Waxing, Facials, Manicures & Pedicures, Swedish massages, Marketing, Therapist ethics, Beauty Business Management) R17 500

Payment & Bank details
Payments must be made in full, before the course starts, either by cash or bank transfer. Transfers
should be made directly to:
Bank: First National Bank


Name: Network7

Bank account: 62219612852

Reference: your name + course name (i.e. Brenda Paul – Swedish msg)
*A 50% deposit is required to book your place.

Let me know how & when you will be paying by calling or emailing me:
Telephone: 021 554 6005 / 0832323809 or Email:
Late payments: Please arrange and please bring cash.

Students need to bring:
Massage oil ( please advise if you want to purchase a bottle at the school for R40)
A pen/pencil for notes
2 x sheets & to cover your “patient” with, or you can use two large towels
1 x bath towel
1 x hand towel
Massage “model” (person) for every class (let us know if you can not organize a model)
1 x foot cream or aqueous cream
Wear comfortable shoes, loose clothing (sports clothing or stretchable clothing is best)

Students will be given 60 page course notes to learn from, on which written exams will be tested on.

To qualify and receive a certificate, students do both a practical and written exam. Students pass mark is 80%. Exams can be re-done at a cost of R350.
Exam Fees are: R350 for practical and written exam. To be paid before or on day of exam.
It is advisable to do the practical exam soon after the last day of the course – as everything is fresh in
your mind and students tend to get higher grades doing it this way.

Extra classes
Individual refresher or extra classes can be taken in future by pre-arranged booking, at a cost of R350 per

Your Diploma, will be presented to you after passing your exam with 80% or more. (Diplomas/certificates
can take up to 2 weeks, before you can collect them)
A certificate of attendance will be presented to those who do not want to do the exam, at a cost of R350
International Massage & Beauty School is based in the Netherlands. Therefore, your diploma’s are
internationally recognized, you can practice in most of European countries. Certain countries, i.e. most
states of USA, require you to register in USA. However the state of Tennessee, and a couple others, you
do not require registration for therapists qualified and practicing Swedish massage therapy.