The Swedish Massage Training course is for those who want to learn the relaxation / sports massage techniques of massage. Swedish massage is the basic to all other massage courses. This course provides you with indepth knowledge of massage, muscles, client diagnosis & treatment. You will be required to write one written exam & do one practical exam. In order to qualify & get a certificate for this course, it is required that you pass both these exams with 80%. The course duration is 20 hours, if you still do not feel comfortable in doing the exams after the course, you are able to take individual extra classes at R200 per hour. Once you have this certificate, you will be qualified to practice in Europe as a Swedish Massage Therapist.

– International certified diploma
by an International Therapist – worked and trained in
Netherlands, USA and many other countries
– 5 days intense training
– 60 page Training manual
– Detailed instructions, theory – anatomy/physiology

Anatomy and Physiology

Sciatica Nerve

Spinal System


Massage Oils

Aroma Therapy

Lymphatic Drainage

Correct Technique

Medical Liaison and Contra Indications

Massage Classification, description and benefits

Effect of massage on skin muscles and adipose tissues

Massage methods, techniques and correct stance will be under practical

massage oil (please advise if you want to purchase a bottle at the school for R40) a pen/pencil for notes 2 x sheets & to cover your “patient” with, or you can use two large towels

1 x bath towel

1 x hand towel massage “model” (person) for every class (let us know if you cannot organize a model)

1 x foot cream or aqueous cream

Wear comfortable shoes and comfortable loose clothing (NO tight jeans or low tops)